ABRSM Music Theory

In order to proceed beyond Grade V Piano (or any other instrument), ABRSM require you to pass the Grade V Theory exam. For many students this can prove quite a hurdle, especially if they are also doing their GCSEs. I encourage my students to take advantage of the summer – yes, I know it is supposed to be a holiday! – to quietly go over what they need to know without the pressure of school work.

Passing the Theory exam is less about remembering and more about understanding and doing.  Music is a language and can only be understood as an activity, rather than just memorizing key signatures and intervals, etc.

I am offering intensive Music Theory lessons through the summer.  You may live in Loughborough and be able to come to me for lessons.  Alternatively, if you are anywhere else you can have Music Theory tuition via Skype.  For more information please call me on 07950 751002 or email  info@paullanfear.co.uk