Learning for Pleasure

Learning to play the piano is challenging, there is no doubt about it. But the rewards are immense and long-lasting.  In our modern age we become so preoccupied with succeeding and failing, with specialising in one area to the exclusion of everything else.  Learning a new skill such as piano playing is a great opportunity to put all that to one side.

It is not commonly known that the word ´amateur´ has its origins in describing somebody with a passion for what they do, rather than the slightly derogatory connotation of someone who is not good enough to be a ´professional´.  Sure it may well be the case that an artist who manages to earn a living through what they do is most likely going to be of a higher calibre than one who doesn´t – but not necessarily.  You may think, as you sit down for your first lesson, that artistry is something out of your reach.  We really should drop these preconceptions.  The famous pianist and teacher Theodor Leschetiszky declared that there is “no life without art, no art without life!”

Paul´s goal with every student that crosses his path is to help them discover their own creative ´spark´ and to see that there are only possibilities, not limitations.