Piano Teacher

Paul Lanfear PianistPaul teaches from his home in Loughborough and currently has a few vacancies.  His studio consists of a Yamaha U3 upright and a 1911 Schiedmayer grand piano, both of which are available for students to play.

Students are accepted across the range of ability and interest, from beginners and re-starters to advanced, from young children to retired adults, for those wanting to take grades to those playing simply for pleasure.  All that is required is enthusiasm and a willingness to set aside some time during the week for practice.

Lessons are payable individually or in blocks of 4, 7 or 10 weeks (paid for at least a week in advance).  Below is a table outlining the fees for the various blocks.  Click here to see Paul`s current teaching hours.


1 hour lessons         30 min lessons

Individual                             £25                            £15

4 weeks                                 £90                            £60

7 weeks                                 £150                          £90

10 weeks                               £185                         £100