Skype Piano Lessons


How did I get started with online lessons?
I have to admit that when I was first asked if I would teach the piano over Skype I was a little sceptical.  Would the connection be reliable?  Would the sound quality be good enough?  Would the student receive a quality experience for the money they’ve paid?  All these questions made me a little reluctant initially.
The crunch came when one of my students’ diploma exam was approaching and she was not able to get to me in  person for lessons.  So we hastily arranged some sessions via Skype.  Admittedly, at diploma level it was not the ideal teaching arrangement.  Nevertheless, because I knew her playing very well I was able to coach her effectively.  The rest, as they say, is history…
Being a skype piano student is not so different from taking lessons in person as long as you have a decent internet connection, a webcam and of course a piano!  If anything, the online lesson experience is more focussed.  Both teacher and student remain at their instruments whilst seeing what the other is doing.  Scores can be annotated and shared online, the teacher can discuss different performances of a piece on YouTube and, perhaps uniquely, the teacher gets to see the student in the comfort of their normal practice environment.
Skype piano lessons really come into their own when either the student or the teacher is away but still has access to a piano.  Being able to keep in touch with my students who go away for the summer vacation means that they are able to stay focussed whilst enjoying their holiday!
How much do Skype piano lessons cost?
Lessons are payable by Paypal according to the following rates:
£30 for an individual hour
£100 for a 4 lesson block
                                            £200 for a 10 lesson block.
skype piano lessons
What will I need to start Skype piano lessons?
A good internet connection, a Skype account,  a webcam and microphone and of course a piano or keyboard.  The webcam needs to be positioned so that the teacher can see your hands on the keyboard.  Don’t worry too much about the setup as this can be sorted out during the free 30 minute trial session.
 So you’ve decided to give it a go and sign up for Skype piano lessons?
 The first step is to send me an email and introduce yourself, your location, some idea of your level of playing and what you want to get out of your lessons…oh and of course your Skype ID and when you could be available for a session.  I will then email you back any information and documents relevant to the lesson, my Skype ID and possible times that I can be available.  Once a date and time has been agreed I will video call you for the lesson as arranged.  As with my lessons in person, I offer a free trial 30 minute session to discuss your needs and for you to decide if you wish to commit to lessons.