“I cannot speak highly enough about Paul. His knowledge and expertise in Piano technique is superb. Paul is very personable, patient, and his teaching abilities are excellent. Paul has helped me tremendously to improve my own piano technique. He is very skilled at explaining difficult abstract concepts and demonstrating ways in which to achieve the desired result in smaller more manageable steps. Paul has been an excellent mentor to me, and very helpful to me similar to that of a business coach by assisting me in the establishment and running of my own piano studio.”  (Alice Letts)

¨I’m an adult learner for the piano and Paul understands that perfectly. He lets you set the pace for learning and is willing to let you explore different styles of music which is great for finding out what you really enjoy playing – and when you enjoy it you practice more!¨  (Louise Medland)

¨Paul is a great teacher, his lessons were enjoyable and I learnt a new way to think about playing the piano with him. Previously, and as an absolute beginner, I had quite structured lessons and worked methodically through a book, taking on board each small element of playing and music theory as I went. This approach was a good basis but sometimes progress was very slow. With Paul I gained confidence in listening to the notes and playing what felt right to the sound so I was then able to learn pieces I liked listening to, which inspired me to play more! He also taught me useful ways to practice scales and chords which helped put me at ease with the piano. He is very friendly which makes lessons feel quite relaxed. Also, the grand piano is wonderful and the views into the garden help create a peaceful environment which is great for learning.¨ (Kate Simpson)